Parts of the heart

Did you know?

The normal weight of a sound female human heart is 9oz (255g).

A man’s heart is normally somewhat greater at around 10.5oz (300g).

Each heart is comprised of three layers:

  • an internal coating called the endocardium
  • a center layer of muscle called the myocardium
  • an external liquid filled sac known as the pericardium.

The heart is separated into four chambers:

  • the correct chamber and left chamber are the upper assemblies of the heart
  • the correct ventricle and left ventricle are the lower chambers.

A strong divider called the septum isolates the privilege and left sides of the heart.

Each of the chambers has valves. The valves have diverse names:

  • the tricuspid valve is at the exit of the correct chamber
  • the mitral valve is for the left chamber
  • the pneumonic valve is at the exit of the correct ventricle
  • the aortic valve is at the exit of the left ventricle.

Their motivation is to enable blood to move advances through the heart and to forestall it streaming in reverse into the past chamber.

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